Special opportunity II – Growth

Swiss Advanced Technology – Leader in Technology and Innovation

This Swiss Company has the ambition of becoming the number 1 global provider of secure mobile solutions for offender management.

With supporting technology from leading Swiss universities, the Company has developed a sophisticated and disruptive technological platform used for the monitoring of electronic bracelets. The first device commercialized by the Company allows a reliable, secure and ultra-precise localization of offenders, thereby increasing the probability of a swift reintegration into society and at lower costs. The Company currently has 15 different customers across the world with several thousand devices already in operations. Thanks to its leading technology and to its experience, the Company is ideally positioned to win new clients and to increase its share of this extremely fast-growing market worldwide.

Moreover, the technology and the multiple patents registered by this Company can be easily extended to medical applications, including the monitoring of seniors and psychiatric patients. This technology can be used to analyze, to predict and to prevent dangerous behaviors, thanks to biometric and internal sensors included in the bracelet and to software developed in-house.

The Company has a recurring revenue business model based on a mix of sale and rental of products, with strong value-added services (advisory, support, training and platform maintenance). Typical governmental contracts are signed for an initial 3 to 5 years duration, increasing retention rate. The management team has a strong engineering and business background and is supported by solid business partners as well as a Board of Directors with extensive financial and industrial experience.

The Company is now looking for external capital to fund its quick growth and to establish local operations in North America. The funding needs amounts to USD 20 million, in the form of Equity or Convertible Bond. Thanks to the fast increase of its yearly turnover, we do expect that this Company will quickly be in a position to self-finance its growth. Exit opportunities should be offered to investors in 2-4 years at a multiple of the current valuation.

  • Sector: High Tech
  • Product: Geo localization and secure mobile monitoring solutions
  • Clients: Government and private companies involved in security solutions worldwide
  • Financing: Equity and Convertible Bonds
  • Amount: USD 20 million
  • Projected IRR: 30% +
  • Exit strategy: 2-4 years