Special opportunity I – Venture

This investment opportunity offers investors an opportunity to step into a high potential mature industrial sector, with a far superior product than all existing ones. The company has developed a very specific and very pure variety of Calcium Carbonate, a material which is utilized in the production of a variety of products such as paints, sealants, pharma and food products. The world market for Calcium Carbonate reached 100 million tons per annum in 2015. The company owns the intellectual property rights in most world markets, both for the product itself and its industrial process.

A pilot plant and a laboratory have been operating in Germany for more than 10 years. Several large producers of goods had the opportunity to successfully test this product over the last few years and many of them have already signed letters of intent to purchase this product when it will be available. A new large-scale production plant is now ready to be built in Germany and several other production sites have been identified across Europe.

The company is looking for a financing of €30 to 45 million for the construction of this first large-scale production plant and for the development of 6 further production sites in Europe. A large part of the cost of these future plants will be refinanced on the market as soon as the first production plant will be operational (estimated 2020. Based on current market prices and assuming normal growth rates, net IRR to Investors comes out at a minimum of 30%. Once the first 7 production plants will be operational (2026-2027), the net margin of the company should exceed 50%. Several exit strategies are possible, including an IPO within 4 or 5 years.

  • Sector: Chemical Industry – technology (IP) and manufacturing
  • Product: Calcium Carbonate. 15 years of successful testing on industrial pilot plant and in laboratories
  • Clients: Large manufacturers of paper, PVC, paint, sealant, pharma and food consumer products. Tested by leading industrialists and first production pre-sold
  • Financing: Equity
  • Amount: € 30-45
  • Projected IRR: 30-35%
  • Exit strategy: 4 to 6 years (Trade sale)

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