Non-listed opportunities

This fund is invested in early growth companies whose businesses are related to growing investment themes. Private equity investments tend to benefit from inefficiencies in the deal market resulting notably from a general illiquidity. In this context, carefully selected direct investments opportunities and funds can generate substantial returns. This is evidenced by the fact that private equity investments on average have consistently outperformed public equity indices over the long-term. The selection process and the diversification of risks plays a crucial role to ensure future performance.

The strategy of our fund is to capitalize on four global growing investment themes: healthcare for an aging population, wealth transfer to an emerging middle class, acceleration of new technologies and innovation & intellectual property. The fund managers may also consider special investment opportunities outside of these themes provided that they offer a high return potential. The investments are directed through specialized fund’s vehicles or direct co-investment opportunities. The portfolio is diversified among more than 30 different positions, some of them being direct and co-investments. The idea behind this fund was also to create a unique network between investors (mostly prestigious European family offices) and the Investment Advisor, whose experience and reputation enable them to source the most promising investment opportunities. An advisory committee which includes represents of the investors regularly reviews and monitors the performance and the investment process.