Fund platform

Since 2012, we assist family offices, wealth managers and institutional investors to structure their own investment funds through our specialized SICAV-SIF umbrella fund structure, anchored in Luxembourg’s robust regulatory framework. This platform enables managers with a strong track record in alternative strategies to amplify their presence and attract new clients within a regulated European fund environment.

We help our clients to establish their own regulated and unregulated fund vehicles. This streamlined approach not only consolidates their investments but also simplifies management processes.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our collaboration with leading local service providers. This ensures our clients receive the most effective fund solutions, characterized by unparalleled flexibility, cost-efficiency, and timely execution.

Our versatility extends to various roles depending on the needs of our clients. With a team of seasoned experts, we can function as a General Partner, an Arranger, or an Advisor. Additionally, we are capable of establishing Investment Advisory Committees to guarantee that the investment strategy aligns seamlessly with the investors’ interests.