Our positioning

HighBreed Capital leverages on the strong financial expertise of its team and its partners to source the best investment opportunities for its clients, in total independence and without the conflicts of interest which are sometimes prevailing in large investment houses.

Depending on the asset class and on the level of expertise that is required, HighBreed Capital chooses to engage with reputable external partners to ensure the highest level of efficiency and to provide investors with the best performance potential on the longer term.

These investment opportunities may be offered through regulated funds or via direct investment or co-investments. The funds may be structured in-house or externally, depending on cost and efficiency considerations.

HighBreed Capital’s unique selling proposition consists in being able to source exclusive investment opportunities with strong outperformance potential, through its network and in a total independence from any other institution. Similarly, we choose to partner with these investment managers who are able to demonstrate a capacity to deliver over-performance consistency over time. We constantly challenge the strategy which are followed by our managers and we carefully monitor their performances for the benefit of our clients.